Therapy is a place to discover the best version of yourself

If you long for a close, connected family where everyone feels seen, known and loved, you’ve come to the right place.

Therapy is an amazing gift to give yourself and your family. Athena, Brett and Kerry are all trained as Marriage & Family Therapists. They are all parents. Each one has diverse experience, training and areas of expertise. 

Therapy is a safe, supportive place for you to feel more FULLY ALIVE. We believe that building on the strengths you already have is a good place to start. In therapy with Brett, Athena or Kerry, you can relax and be the real you. There’s no judgment here. This is your time.

In order to create close, connected families, we find that it takes three elements: parenting skills, self-awareness, and healthy relationships. All of us can support you with individual, couples or family therapy.


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Meet Our Team

Kerry Stutzman

MSW, LMFT (she/her)

Brett King

Brett King

LPCC NCC MFT (he/him)

Brett King

Athena McCullough

MA, LPCC, MFTC (she/her)

Brett King

Debbie Bassett

MFTC, Ed.S., NLC, NCSP (she/her)

Good therapy leads to growth … which leads to wisdom … which leads to awakening … of peace, empathy, courage, and grace.


Is it time to bring more of your best self to life? I offer a safe, supportive place for you to address whatever is keeping you from feeling fully alive. We can work towards genuine self-acceptance and inner calm.  I believe that pain and struggles in life can …>


It’s so painful to feel disconnected from your partner. Couples therapy can help each of you feel seen and known and understood. It’s a time for new conversations and new patterns of interaction. Communication, parenting, sex, money, chores…. we can work on whatever is causing you pain. …>


Got teens? Family therapy is a powerful way to have open, connecting and productive conversations. I’ve seen parents and teens have transformative experiences in just a handful of sessions. I LOVE the shifts that can happen …>

Therapy for all ​relationships!

Our work is LGBTQ+ affirming, anti-oppressive, and sex positive. All identities, backgrounds, and relationship configurations are welcome and honored in this space and we are passionate about supporting all relationships in finding their own path towards connection, intimacy, and healing.

Mottos to live by …

Live Imperfectly

With acceptance that we can be simultaneously imperfect and lovable comes great freedom.  This freedom allows us to laugh more, be kinder to ourselves and have healthier connections with others. I embrace the motto, “Live imperfectly with great delight.”

No More “Shoulding”

It’s unconscious and we all do it: we “should on” ourself and others with unreasonable expectations. Replacing that critical, harsh commentary with more compassionate and reasonable expectations works wonders to calm anxiety, resentment and judgment. In its place, we feel grace.