Speaker + Parenting Instructor + Licensed Therapist + Parent Coach

Thank you for your interest in Kerry Stutzman, Parentologist

Looking for a dynamic, charismatic, and inspired speaker whose professional and personal focus is on parenting and connected families from cradle to college? 

You have come to the right place. Kerry Stutzman inspires, entertains and teaches parents how to bring emotional intelligence to the craft of parenting.  She is passionate about the well-being of children from cradle to college.  Kerry brings informative and engaging material to every audience with humor, storytelling, experiential learning, and practical strategies. As a parenting expert, her interactive style of presenting has made audiences laugh, cry, and learn. Kerry is available for keynotes, workshops, and retreats (in-person and virtual) that will motivate your audience to be the parents they wish they had.  Kerry will work with you to figure out how to meet your event and speaker needs as we continue to forge our way through COVID-19 restrictions.

Kerry’s Topics

  • One-Day Crash Course: Parenting ‘Tweens and Teens
  • One-Day Crash Course: Parenting Early Childhood
  • How to Keep Your Teens and ‘Tweens Talking to You
  • Putting an End to Whining and Arguing
  • Solve Your Child’s Misbehavior Problem
  • Staying Sane While Raising Young Children
  • Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Teens

Places Kerry Has Spoken