You. Fully Alive.

It takes healthy adults to create connected families.

Meet Parentologist, Kerry Stutzman

My therapy, parent training and speaking practice is born out of a passion for making the most of this thing called Life. I see the world through the lens of relationships. My work is all about how we relate – to ourself, to people in our lives, and to the Divine. I especially love helping parents be their best selves… because that is good for their kids and is the foundation of close, connected families.

In order to feel more joy, we must understand the ways we go “numb.” If you want to laugh from  your belly and feel love radiating from your core, you may be due to change patterns of how you talk to yourself and how you interact with others.

With a deep belief that healing often happens in the context of relationships, the focus of my work is on helping people develop the skills needed to thrive in relationships. This can be done through individual, couples and family therapy.



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Behavioral Issues
Blended Families
Challenging Children
Coping Skills
Dealing with Difficult People
Family Conflict
Life Coaching
Life Transitions
Parental Alienation
Peer Relationships
Pre-marital counseling
Self Esteem

Working with Kerry is the most productive hour of my week. Our conversations lead to powerful realizations and invaluable skills that affect every other hour of my life. It’s like a reset and power-boost button in one.


John and I are both huge fans of Kerry and we agree she is the best! She helped us literally walk from the brink of the end of our marriage to a really great place and we of all people never thought that would happen. Thank you Kerry, you truly saved us!


Our family therapy experience with Kerry has helped us to better communicate with our daughter and help her voice and feelings be heard. Kerry helped us to come up with solutions as a family rather than tell us what we were doing wrong. The communication and listening skills that we learned have made a big difference in the way that we interact as a family.


I’m a Denver, Colorado native who has never stopped marveling at the gorgeous mountains where I love cycling, sailing, picnics, and family dinners. I also love the adventure of RV life.

My deepest longing is to live a life that makes a difference in children being able to experience close, connected families. To this end, I support parents in working on themselves, their relationships, and their parenting skills. And I never stop working on myself.


My story includes being a stay-at-home mom, divorce, starting a new career, re-marriage, blending families of 3+3 kids, tough teenagers, and enough pain to motivate me to grow. And there are parts of my story that involve exuberant joy, spiritual awakening and ridiculous amounts of laughter.


Education and Other Credentials

  • Master of Social Work from the University of Denver (MSW)
  • Certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy from Denver Family Institute
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado (LMFT)
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT) Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor
  • Clinical Supervisor, Denver Family Institute Faculty
  • National Speakers Association (NSA) Professional Member


    • Co-Founder of Building Bridges, a grassroots non-profit
    • Trauma Therapy: EMDR Trained
    • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Externship
    • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Level One Training
    • Love and Logic Independent Facilitator
    • Journey Dance Facilitator Apprentice
    • LGBTQ Affirming Therapist
    • Pronouns are she/her/hers

    I strive to practice cultural humility and never stop learning about diversity, power, and oppression.

    “Always appreciate the little things, because in the end you realize they were the big things.”


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